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Discount rate for high risk coverage - Sunset Plaza will find you a discount rate as our agents have vast experience helping high risk customers because of their past record of DUI, SR22, major accident, and many tickets.
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California WildFire Home Insurance - Free Quote

Last year was a disaster for California home insurers. With a record number of large and devastating brush and grass fires, insurance companies paid a fortune in claims to devastated home owners.

That has changed the economic landscape. Fire insurance is now harder than ever to get. Home owners are running into restrictions and many cannot qualify for insurance.

Our agents are famillir with the various factors to transgress this highly complex field. Our experienced team of insurance experts can help you get the affordable fire insurance you need. Please take a moment to request a quote.

Many home owners who live near high brush areas are surprised and frustrated at how limited their insurance options have become. Our agents study the insurance market to locate the best policies to protect your property. We understand you may need to get insurance right away and give priority to high brush risks. This is especially important when you need your escrow to close on the scheduled date.

Fires Are Getting Bigger

Forty years ago a large fire world burn 15,000 acres. Today fires frequently consume 100,000 acres or more. Experts say it is due to a wide number of factors including a warming atmosphere that causes unpredictable weather to a greater incidence of arson. Fires now happen at any time of the year, not just in traditional fire seasons.

Insurance companies are no longer insuring many of the homes they covered in previous years. Insurance companies look to see if your home is located in a high fire risk area. Since fires are commonly spreading to places they previously didn't go, more and more homes are being classified in a fire risk area.

Most insurance carriers will not cover your home if it is within 2,500 feet of canyons, brush, or a wild fire area. Our experts have found insurance that covers your home no matter where it is located. This is good news for individuals who live near or in fire risk areas. Now you may be able to get affordable fire insurance rather than have to risk going uninsured.

How Insurance Companies Define Brush

The term "brush" can mean a lot of different things. Insurance companies have come up with rules that clearly define what vegetation qualifies as brush.

Brush is any living or dead bushes, trees, thickets, shrubs or other wild vegetation that grows near your house or land. Bushes or trees growing together in a thicket and close to the ground is especially dangerous fuel for a wildfire. Piles of leaves, branches, and debris are also risky. All these things are of greater concern to insurance carriers.

California WildFire Insurance

Here we provide fire insurance for homes, condos, town homes, landlords, renters, mobile homes, and rental units throughout California. All are in areas known for brush and wildfires.

We work with many top insurance companies who can give you the full, complete coverage you need. These are A-Rated carriers with a strong reputation for taking good care of their millions of policy holders.

Our specialists look at all the factors regarding your home, your property, your location, and neighborhood. All these can and will affect the fire coverage you can get and its cost. These variables can include some things you might never consider like wind patterns, roof types, FireLine score, PPC Public Protection Classification, and SHIA hazard area.

As discussed above, brush can be a big problem for home owners. Insurance companies are concerned by brush growing on or near your property. Existing brush can force you into a more expensive policy due to the increased risk.

Insurance typically covers your home and the cost to repair or rebuild it. Your coverage can cover a wide range of threats including fire, wind, water damage, vandalism and more.

Your policy can also cover your pool, driveway, fences, barns and out buildings, workshop and much more. And, yes, your personal belongings can be covered. You can even receive money for living expenses while you are waiting on repair or a new home.

Get Your Quote Now

It's vital to get the full home fire coverage you need. We can provide a policy that properly covers your home and property while giving you an affordable premium that may be lower than you expect. Even if you have been denied fire insurance in the past.

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