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Discount rate for high risk coverage - Sunset Plaza will find you a discount rate as our agents have vast experience helping high risk customers because of their past record of DUI, SR22, major accident, and many tickets.
Personalized customer service
We have exceptional agents who periodically re-shop for you during cycles of your policy and at renewals to ensure that you are still receiving the best combination of price and protection for your dollar.


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Auto Insurance Dui

Sunset Plaza Insurance is a Los Angeles based insurance broker which serves all of the greater California region. You can count on them to provide you with a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals to find the right insurance provider for your needs and get you the best rates available. They specialize in auto, motorcycle, boat, homeowners, and commercial insurance. If you have had trouble getting insurance due to a DUI, they have a history of serving clients labeled with a "High Risk" status. They will also provide you with the personalized customer service from their exceptional agents who periodically re-shop for you during cycles of your policy and at renewals to ensure you continue to get the best combination of price and protection from your insurance.

Auto Insurance after a DUI is hard enough to find but getting the respect you deserve from an insurance provider can be even harder. Sunset Plaza Insurance will provide you with the professional and caring customer service that you expect. Sunset Plaza will respond to your calls promptly during business hours and always answer your questions so that any issues are resolved quickly. They will search for the best deal for you, even when you are renewing. Your claims will be handled professionally and the claim process will be easy. They will help you recover the loss that your insurance entitles you to and will do their best to preserve your asset.

At Sunset Plaza Insurance, you can get a discount rate for auto insurance even with a DUI. They will find you a discount rate through the efforts of their agents with vast experience in helping other high risk customers. Normally, you can expect auto insurance rates to soar after a DUI when you are put into the high risk category. In California, you are required to obtain an "SR22" certificate of financial responsibility from some auto insurance companies. At Sunset Plaza, the agents have extensive experience helping drivers with the burden of tickets, accidents or the SR22 requirement and the can find the best value for you in these situations. They consider drivers that are in the high risk category to be special need!

Everyone has different needs for auto insurance. A DUI or tickets can mean high risk and a lot of frustration when you go to other companies for help. Sunset Plaza will provide you with the liability coverage or collision coverage you need in any circumstances. Comprehensive coverage to pay for any losses is also an option so that you are covered for any loss. You can choose the preferred coverage you need and then the professional agents will help you find the most cost-effective coverage. You can count on Sunset Plaza to find you the best discounted insurance rates for your needs and your budget, especially when other companies classify you as a high-risk driver.

If you are looking for auto insurance after a DUI, go to www.SunsetPlazaIns.com and see how much they have to offer you. They will find you the coverage you need at a lower price when you need it the most!

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